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Geoff Heaps

Geoff Heaps

Chair Trustee

Geoff Heaps is now retired. He was a School Advisor in Birmingham and Solihull for thirty two years, supporting the growth and development of Education Business links in schools and colleges. He has an MEd degree from Warwick University.

Geoff’s working life encouraged him to develop the vital and important skills of event planning, management and organisation, programme writing, fundraising, public relations and publicity, negotiation, bid writing, reporting and evaluation.

As one of Lily Mae’s Granddads I chose to become a Trustee of The Foundation in an attempt to help and support all those other parents and their families that will suffer the same traumatic loss of a baby that my daughter, her husband and our families suffered when Lily Mae died.

I hope that my experiences of losing a Granddaughter will enable me to be of help and support to all those who lose a baby to Stillbirth or to Neonatal Death.