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Sarah Lane


Sarah Lane

Trustee and Bereavement Midwife

Sarah Lane is a registered midwife working within a local West Midlands NHS Trust. She became a midwife in 2010 working within community, labour ward and antenatal ward environments; however her interest lay in providing bereavement care. In 2015 she became a Bereavement Support Midwife within the Heart of England NHS Trust bereavement team a vocation that she is incredibly proud of and passionate about.

Working within this role allowed Sarah to see the impact and importance that memory building and support provided by charities like The Lily Mae Foundation can have on families. It was this knowledge that led her to becoming a Trustee for the Charity in 2015. Sarah is passionate that families feel supported both within hospital and the wider community following the loss of a baby and that no family feels isolated or has nowhere to turn. She feels strongly that we need to dispel the silence surrounding baby loss and that healthcare and wider community care working together will lead the way in providing family centred support.