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Lily Mae Foundation take on the Wolf Run

Based in Leamington Spa The WOLF Run is an innovative off-road 10K obstacle run that provides a unique mix of running trails through woodland, open ground and water, alongside a series of challenging natural and man-made obstacles to test strength, ingenuity and determination and The Lily Mae Foundation took part in this fantastic event!!


The Wolf Run stands for Woods, Obstacles, Lakes and Fields, so you can imagine what to expect! The obstacles along way include climbing huge fallen trees, wading and swimming through deep, murky water, pulling each other up near-vertical mud slopes and crawling under dense vegetation. The design of each course is overseen and tested by a fitness professional with a Masters in Sports Science and years of experience in functional fitness training.

The course designer Charlie Moreton says: “We go to great lengths to design original, challenging courses that encourage runners to use their bodies functionally and naturally – running, climbing, swimming, wading and crawling. Our year-round access to the course means that we can build a series of man-made obstacles that ensure a total body workout. The Wolf Run is designed to test experienced runners, but our experienced marshals ensure that a leg up is available to any newcomers to off-road running. The Run encourages participants to work as a team and help each other over, under and through the obstacles – with a few surprises on the way to keep everyone on their toes!”

The Lily Mae Foundation have taken part for the last three years and intend to continue to with our participation in the coming years. The WOLF Run is a friendly race attracting experienced and beginners runners with the course devised to encourage participants to help each other over, under and through each obstacle. Many run in groups (or wolf packs..) with friends and families and with every fifth runner running for free. Spectators are encouraged too, to provide support for all competitors. After the race there is a party with music, hog roast, cake stall and a bar! Just what good obstacle racing is about, pushing the body to the limit and then enjoying a beer and food after!

If you are interested in taking part in 2018 then let us know by emailing [email protected]