Grant’s 1000 Mile Run Challenge is all for a Good Cause

In his own words…… “I didn’t realise how tough this running challenge would be;”


However, Grant Huddleston has worked hard and perservered to challenge himself for a great cause.  This year Grant has run several events to raise money and awareness for The Lily Mae Foundation.  Grant set himself a target at the beginning of 2017 to complete a Running Challenge totalling 1000 miles.  He has done an amazing job to date racing in a number of local and national runs raising awareness of The Lily Mae Foundation by wearing one of our running vests.

The Lily Mae Foundation would like to say a huge thank you to Grant for his fundraising efforts and wish him all the very best for his remaining runs in 2017.

If you would like to sponsor Grant then please visit his JustGiving Page.


Races entered so far..



Race – 1000 Mile Year Running Challenge



Race – 5km New Years Resolution Run – (aim 23.00; actual 23.19) COMPLETED



Race – “Around the World” mileage challenge (aim: 120 miles; actual 221 miles) COMPLETED



Race – Warwick Half-Marathon (aim 1h50m; actual 1h44m) COMPLETED

Race – Silverstone Half Marathon (aim 1h45m; actual 1h41m) COMPLETED



Race – The Wolf Run (aim 50 minutes) COMPLETED



Race – “May the Fourth be with you” 5km (aim 22.00; actual 22.21) COMPLETED

Race – Star Wars race 5km (aim 22.00; actual 22.22) COMPLETED

Race – Knowle 10k Fun Run (aim 45.00; actual 43.00) COMPLETED



Race – Great Midlands Fun Run (aim 1h05; actual 1h02) COMPLETED

Race – Wythall and Hollywood 10k (aim 45.00; actual 45.56) COMPLETED



Race – Black Country Canal Half-Marathon (aim 1h40; actual 1h44) COMPLETED

Race – “Top Run” Virtual Runner UK Half Marathon  (aim 1h40m; actual 1h44) COMPLETED



Race – Balsall Common 10k (aim 44:00; actual 45:16) COMPLETED

Race – Draycote Water 20miler (aim 3hrs; actual 2:57.12) COMPLETED



Race – Birmingham International Marathon (aim 4h00m)