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Fundraise For Us

Thinking of Fundraising for the Lily Mae Foundation but not sure where to start? We are here to support you with lots of ideas, marketing materials and sponsorship tips and guides.


Take part in a Lily Mae Events

All year round, we hold some fantastic fundraising events for you to get involved in. From Fun Run to Golf Day, Boxing to Skydiving. Check out all our events here:

Image by Annie Spratt

Organising your own Event

Fancy holding your own fundraising event? A bake sale, or coffee morning, perhaps an Office fundraiser? What ever you have in mind we are here to support you with materials, tips for sponsorship and regular contact. 

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Challenge yourself, Sporting Events

Whether it is one of our own fundraising events, or perhaps a national event like a Marathon or Cycle Challenge in support of the Lily Mae Foundation. We can support you along the journey, and potentially offer you spaces for certain events!

Download your FREE Fundraising pack 

To help you begin your fundraising activities, we have put together a step-by-step free downloadable fundraising guide. Full of ideas, sponsorship tips and overall support.

Setting up your Fundraising page

JustGiving and GiveWheel are three really easy-to-use platforms for collecting sponsorship money. All you need to do is decide what activity you are going to do in order to raise money and then set up a page on one of these platforms telling people what you are doing and how much you want to raise.

Your sponsors are then able to donate money online so you can keep a track of how you are getting on. It couldn’t be easier!

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