Blue Tranquility

By Carole Readman and Dorothy Grant

In the midst of Blue Tranquility, all anguish quell;In the midst of Blue Tranquility, all thoughts can dwellon treasured mem’ries, love so real;such precious feelings-help us feelin this place of Blue Tranquility, a sense of peace and calm.God of love and God of Grace – hear our prayerBless these families in their loss – please hear our prayerThey come to you for peace and calmtheir loved ones with you, safe from harm.In this place of Blue Tranquility, Lord, please hear our prayer

In this house of Grace and Harmony, mem'ries remain. Giving strength and love and fortitude; healing again. Together share each other's tears, with hopes and thoughts for future years. Your comfort helps us through our fears- we turn to you, O Lord.Music composed by Carole Readmanwords by Carole Readman and Dorothy GrantSung by The Weighton Waytes Choir ( in Holy Trinity Church, Hull during SANDS Services 2014-2016