Grandparents Grieve Too

Natalie Calvert

Some people may forgetGrandparents grieve tooThey watch their children grieveAnd don’t know what to doThey try to make things betterBut sometimes it makes it worseTheir grandchild should be driven homeNot driven in a hearseThey have not just lost a grandchildThey watch their child in painThey hold it all togetherBut their grief isn’t the sameTo see your child hurtingFor the baby they have lostThey want to take the pain awayFrom those they love the mostThey speak words of encouragementFrom their wise words of wisdomIn time you will get strongerAnd your child not forgottenSometimes they might not show usThe pain we want them tooBut I assure you they are hurtingJust as much as youBut themselves as a parentFeel they must stay strongTheir own child is grievingAnd the process is longIt’s not a case of taking monthsIt’s a case of taking yearsBut every step along the wayThey’ll be there to wipe your tears