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It’s ok to not be ok!

Babyloss is devastating for both mums and dads, yet many men feel overlooked after the loss of their baby. During hospital stays and the first days back at home the focus of attention is often on the mum. Men may be expected, and often expect themselves, to be strong and supportive but this can mean that you neglect your own grief. It is important to acknowledge your feelings and to take the time to deal with your grief in addition to supporting you partner.

Charlie’s Child Loss Charity

Hi my name is Lee I am 28 years old and have created this group to help males in the same position as myself, in October 2013 me and my wife lost our son Charlie Thomas Jack Chatterley at 40weeks+5 who was born silently into the world ! I wanted to make this group so that all us males can help each other through this sad time,share our unfortunate experiences and help guide each other along the way, We will never forget our angels and will always be in our hearts and thoughts. This group is 100% private and only members of the group can see our post please share this group and get the help out there for us grieving dads. Love & peace Lee

Navigating the Wilderness

This is life after neonatal loss, navigating the wilderness, and building Norah’s legacy.

Our daughter Norah was born on the 24th June 2017, at nineteen minutes past one, weighing 9lb 6oz, with waxy skin and a full head of dark hair. Norah came in to the world with a shout and the grumpiest expression on her face, and in that moment, all the cliches surrounding parenting suddenly became true and our world opened up to an intense and infinite love. We promised Norah a lifetime of love and adventure, we couldn’t wait for the adventure to begin.

Matt Whitehouse – Callie’s Daddy

There were many reasons as to why i felt like i needed to start this blog.  The main reason is for my own recovery, it has been my way of dealing with this, by talking about it. I also know that there aren’t many fathers who blog about child loss, lots of moms do, fathers don’t. I feel so passionately about this and I will be blogging every couple of weeks. If i can help others deal with their own child loss, raise awareness and get people taking about a supposed ‘taboo’ subject then I will have done my job.


Pine Cones and Study Days

I’m Chris, and I’m Henry’s daddy. Henry was stillborn at 38 weeks on 2nd May, 2014, after a trouble-free pregnancy.

Since Henry’s death, my wife Briony and I have become heavily involved in charity work with our local baby loss charity in Harrogate, Our Angels, to try and improve the care provided to bereaved parents and the maternity professionals that support them. We’re also working to raise awareness of the issues surrounding stillbirth so that expectant parents are better educated, which should help reduce the stillbirth rate.

Hannah Pontillo – Trying to Navigate Life after Child Loss

If you find yourself on this page I am sorry that you are on a journey that has led you here.
When my son died I was looking for something I could relate to and all I saw was blogs, websites and support forums written by mums for mums. I was looking for something my husband could read and connect with. So if you are wanting to read experiences from dads then I have linked you to a couple that I have found and shared with my husband.

The Dad Network

Spearheaded by Al Ferguson, The Dad Network combines a personal blog with an ever-growing community of dads. Created as a personal outlet for Al Ferguson following a devastating miscarriage on his wedding day, The Dad Network has gone on to provide support to thousands of dads across the world.

Daddy’s with Angels

When someone joins Daddys with Angels they are considered family and are not only offered support for their loss. Members can talk about anything else that may be troubling them. The group administrators can be contacted in private to discuss anything members need or want. What may seem like a great burden for some can be resolved within group discussion or in private messages.

At Daddys with Angels, it doesn’t matter how old your child was, or when or how they grew their wings if you are experiencing the pain of a genuine loss you are welcome.

Mia’s Legacy

This is Amanda and Jason’s and their daughter Mia’s story told by Jason, a set of events that led to unbearable heartache, shattered dreams, self-doubt, depression, disbelief, a bond of togetherness, determination, pride and a lifetime goal…