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Support for Dads

If you are a Dad who has experienced the loss of a baby then you might be struggling to process everything that is happening
to you right now. We understand. In fact, we understand that it is more than just processing what has happened, but it is coming to terms with it, accessing support and finding strength. Dads need to grieve too, but may find it difficult for all sorts of reasons, not least being overlooked. That’s why we have set up a one to one service especially for Dads so they can open up, understand the process and have access to one to one support from someone who has been there, gets it, and above all, can help.

Check out our podcast. It is made to support men!

Still Parents podcast:
A candid podcast that tackles the train wreck of baby loss in a man’s world

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Still Parents is a podcast that aims to inform men that have been affected by stillbirth, neonatal death, miscarriage or medical termination that it is okay not to be okay.

Throughout the podcast series we focus on the message that men can and will suffer following the loss of a baby, and that it is not ok to suffer in silence. The podcast aims to reach out to as many men as possible who may feel alone in their grief or just need that little extra support.

Featuring Ryan Jackson, Founder and Managing Director of The Lily Mae Foundation, talking openly and honestly about his own experience of the loss of a baby, along with other men who have been devastated too, the discussions are honest and sometimes hard-hitting, but provide comfort to men going through similar experiences.

As the subject of baby loss is often avoided and sometimes seen as a stigma in society, our podcast aims to break down the barriers and unite those who are suffering, whilst talking about emotions and experiences, support and gathering strength.

Join us on the journey of breaking down social expectations and encouraging men to talk more!

Would you like to be a guest on our podcast?

We hope that our Podcast has been helpful. If you are a Dad or Grandad who has experienced the loss of a baby and would like to feature on the 'Still Parents' Podcast, please get in touch.