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Remember a baby's life

There are many ways to honour and remember a baby's life, whether your own angel baby or a maybe a family member or friends, we are here to help you

honour them.

Digital Birthday Cards & Inspiration Page

One way we remember Angel Babies at the Lily Mae Foundation is through our digital Birthday Cards and Our Inspirations Page.

If you would like your baby's name added to Our Inspirations page and a digital Birthday card generated and posted across our social media channels each year in memory of your baby please get in touch, make sure to provide the name of your baby and the date of birth within the email. 

These are posted annually unless you tell us otherwise.


Donating To Remember

Help us help more bereaved parents

Walk the Malvern Hills in

Memory of your baby🚶

Join our Malvern End to End Fundraising Challenge. Walk in memory of your baby or for the Lily Mae Foundation along the Malvern ridge this July.

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