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Why Lily Mae?

Friday 5th February 2010, the day our family’s lives turned upside down.

Sunday 7th February 2010 a day that should have brought so much joy, but instead brought so much pain and sadness. The days we questioned why? Why us? Why Lily Mae? A little girl so innocent, so vulnerable and so small. Our little girl, taken from us within the blink of an eye.

From the day Amy and I knew we were going to have another baby we were so excited and couldn’t wait to tell people the good news. Everyone who knows Amy and I knew that we so desperately wanted a baby girl, but as long as the baby was healthy we would be happy.

We couldn’t wait and every time we went to a scan or we heard Lily Mae’s heart beat we were so proud, proud to be a mummy and daddy again. We used to imagine what our lives would be like and the fun and games that we would play with Alfie. Alfie would be a big brother that would look after her and protect her throughout school and as she grew older.

Throughout my life I dreamed of being able to walk my daughter down the aisle to a man that loved her as much as I would but sadly I will not be able to do this. Even in the saddest of days at Lily Mae’s funeral, I wanted to take that walk with Lily Mae as it would be my last with her making me the proudest daddy in the world, enabling me to say that this is my daughter, Lily Mae. That is why it was important to me to carry Lily Mae into the church;
The hardest thing that I have and will ever have to do in my life.

In such a short space of time Lily Mae was able to touch so many lives. My life, Amy’s and Alfie’s lives will never be the same but Lily Mae will have a lasting effect on all those family and friends who met her. The moments that Amy and I had with her will be cherished forever. There was a lot of Alfie in her. Her lips shaped the same, a tiny nose and ears and the ability to leave you wanting more when you held and hugged her. We sang her Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and I am sure that she will have heard us singing it.

Lily Mae will never grow old and will always stay forever young. Somebody told Amy and I that ‘even the smallest of feet have the power to leave everlasting footprints upon this world’. You definitely did that Lily Mae and you will always be in our thoughts for the rest of our lives. Those who live in the hearts of others will never die and I promise you that you will always be in our hearts.

Good night god bless Lily Mae we all love you and always will. One day we will be together again but until that day sleep tight.

We love you and always will xx

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