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About Us


Who we are

We are the support group that are going to help you through one of the most difficult times of your life, and we can do this because we have been there ourselves. We set up The Lily Mae Foundation in 2010 following the loss of our very special little girl, so when it comes to the loss of a baby - in all its forms - we have been there, we know the pain and we are here to say you’re not alone.

Our work sees us providing a support network to bereaved parents following the loss of a baby, training and support for midwives and other health and social care professionals, and research into what can be done to help prevent the loss of a baby in the future. We help you cope with bereavement by using our own experiences and by connecting you with all the support you need, at the time and place that is right for you.


Our Vision

Our vision at The Lily Mae Foundation is to work alongside Medical & Healthcare Professionals, other Charities and the All Party Parliamentary Group for Baby loss, to be recognised as the main provider of bereavement support for families who have lost a baby to Stillbirth, Neonatal Death, Miscarriage or Medical Termination in the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

Not only do we want to support anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby, but we want to raise awareness of how tragically common the loss of a baby is. Most people don’t realise that Stillbirth, Neonatal Death, Miscarriage and Medical Termination devastate the lives of more than 3,500 parents every year. Not only that, the loss of a baby is seen as a taboo subject, so parents are not encouraged to seek the support that they so desperately need. We want to change all that.

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Promote & Protect

To promote psychological, emotional and physical well-being of parents, their families and friends when a baby dies in the uterus, at birth or soon after birth, by:

a) Supporting and promoting information to bereaved parents, their families and friends.

b) Working collaboratively to improve and enhance professional practice with health and social care professionals for the benefit of bereaved parents and their families.


Work with other Charitable Organisations

To make donations to other charitable institutions having similar objects as the charity that the trustees shall at their discretion deem suitable.


Research & Assist

To promote and assist in research and the implementation of best practice to identify the causes and help reduce the incidence of the death of a baby in the uterus, at birth or soon after birth.

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