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Fundraise For us

Any money you can raise is truly gratefully received and we promise that we will use it to help as many people that we can who are going through a devastating time in their lives.

Need some ideas?

So… what can you do to raise money? In a word, anything! Climb a mountain, organise a bike ride, host your own Bake Off, organise a fancy do! We don’t mind! We have put together some materials that we hope can help inspire your idea but also support you through every step of the process. 

Download a fundraising pack 

To help you begin your fundraising activities, we have put together a step-by-step downloadable fundraising guide. Inside you will find ideas, inspiration and tips to kickstart your fundraising. Furthermore, the pack is filled with guidance for promoting your event and what do with the money you raise after the event.

Download now and start raising vital funds to support bereaved parents and families.


Set up a fundraising page

JustGiving and GoFundMe or GiveWheel are three really easy-to-use platforms for collecting sponsorship money. All you need to do is decide what activity you are going to do in order to raise money and then set up a page on one of these platforms telling people what you are doing and how much you want to raise. Your sponsors are then able to donate money online so you can keep a track of how you are getting on. It couldn’t be easier! 

Just click on one of the following logos to set up your page...


If you need a sponsorship form just click the button here to download one.

Don't forget to download your free fundraising pack now!

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