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Some people may forget Grandparents grieve  watch their children grieve And don’t know what to do They try to make things better But sometimes it makes it worse Their grandchild should be driven home Not driven in a hearse They have not just lost a grandchild They watch their child in pain They hold it all together But their grief isn’t the same To see your child hurting For the baby they have lost They want to take the pain away From those they love the most They speak words of encouragement From their wise words of wisdom In time you will get stronger And your child not forgotten Sometimes they might not show us The pain we want them too But I assure you they are hurting Just as much as you But themselves as a parent Feel they must stay strong Their own child is grieving And the process is long It’s not a case of taking months It’s a case of taking years But every step along the way They’ll be there to wipe your tears.

-Natalie Calvert

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