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Skydive for us

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Take the Leap

Do you want to do a fundraiser that is a bit outside the box whilst also ticking something off your bucket list?


Why not sign yourself up for a tandem skydive and raise money to support bereaved parents and families who have suffered the devastating loss of a baby.

What to Expect

After a short briefing you will be ready to jump from 13,000 feet (Weather and air traffic restrictions may apply). Training is run throughout the day and students are strapped to the front of a Tandem Instructor who is there to control the skydive for you.

Once you exit at 13,000 feet you accelerate to 120 mph, covering each thousand feet in approximately five seconds. At 5,000 feet the instructor will deploy the parachute which will then be controlled by both persons until you land softly and gently some four minutes later.

''I can honestly say that I was terrified before my skydive. The instructors settle those fears instantly! They are very enthusiastic and professional! The skydive was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I felt like I was flying with my baby angel! You have to experience a skydive to understand this feeling. I would definitely do it again!! Thank you for organising!''


To take part in this fundraising activity, all we ask is for you to raise a minimum of £400. This covers the costs incurred by The Lily Mae Foundation to pay for the skydive and also raises extra funds to support bereaved parents and families who have suffered the devastating loss of a baby. You can jump solo, with a friend or a whole group if you would like!

You DO NOT pay anything! We will sort it all out for you!


The Skydiving Centre that we use is Hinton Skydiving Centre, Oxfordshire. They have a weight limit for individuals of 95KG (15 Stone). For those who exceed this limit, we take our fundraisers to GoSkydive in Salisbury where the limit is 18 Stone.

To sign up all we need is your full name, email address and preferred date for your skydive, we will then try our best to get this booked on or around that time for you. You will then be required to complete an electronic contract with The Lily Mae Foundation to secure your booking.

Get in touch and sign yourself up today! You will love every minute!

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