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🤝 Lily Mae Foundation supporting Birmingham Women's Hospital: New Baby Bereavement Centre

After 5 years in the making, Birmingham Women's Hospital have officially opened their brand new Baby Bereavement Centre, Woodland House. 🌳👼

The centre cost £3 Million to create and is 100% Charity funded. The Lily Mae Foundation has worked closely with BWH the past 5 years to help support hitting their funding target and make this fantastic new centre a reality. 

Woodland House will be a centre for those who have experienced the loss of a baby at any point on their journey with Birmingham Women’s Hospital. The centre offers a specially-designed space away from the hospital where follow-up appointments can take place, saving the need for a woman/family to re-walk in their previous footsteps. 

It can also be used as a supportive drop-in centre and offer a dedicated space for bereavement support groups, and be a safe space where planned neonatal deaths can happen and families can spend the last few hours with their baby, in a home-from-home environment, before funeral directors are engaged.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Woodland House. 

We are proud to say that within Woodland House, you will find our Lily Mae Foundation Memory Boxes, ready to support bereaved families in their time of need in a safe, peaceful space.

As a Charity we felt incredibly strongly about supporting this project and encouraging the funding to make this happen, as it is a huge step in the right direction for supporting bereaved parents who have suffered the devastating loss of a baby

Woodland House is the first of its kind in a hospital setting and sets the standard for pregnancy loss and end of life care, bereavement care nationally.

We hope the opening of this new incredible centre encourages more Hospitals around the country to look into their baby loss bereavement care and support for bereaved parents.



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