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Stillborn but Still Born

When we first made you, you were still.


Before you were moving, we felt you, we knew you. We spoke to you, we loved you.

Then you grew and you moved. You kicked and you turned. You wriggled and you hiccupped.

We felt you, we knew you. We spoke to you, we loved you. We made plans for you. We were excited for you. We were ready for you. We eagerly awaited the moment of that first cry from you.

But then you stopped moving. You became still once again. Yet we still felt you, we still knew you, we still spoke to you, we still loved you. We yearned for you and hoped for you.

We prayed for you and bargained for you. We loved you and needed you and dreamed that perhaps you would still cry.

But when you were born, you were still. Yet still, our eyes saw you and they see you still.

Still, our arms held you and they hold you still. Still, our voices spoke to you and they speak to you still.

Still, our hearts loved you and they love you still. Still, our hearts cried for you and they cry for you still. Tears of sadness, tears of love, tears of wishing time hadn't stood still for you.

You are still our precious child. We are still your parents. With what we still have, we carry on. We still have love. We still have you. You are still in our hearts forever.


In memory of Flynn Carter; 17.07.2016 

-Claire McGee 2018

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