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Tiny Hands

I hope you felt the comfort in my words of love so deep, I hope you knew my hopes and dreams and what you meant to me. It's so much more than words can say or what the eyes can see. Tiny hands and tiny feet, the most beautiful baby I ever did meet. As small as you were, the biggest part of my heart you hold, and that's where it will remain until I'm grey and old.

For a long time, my skies have been so grey, and it's hard to find words to say, but I'll try now, I hope that's okay.

To me, you are the breeze that softly whispers by, and gently dries my tears. You're the sun that lights my heart and mind, and takes away my fears. You've never truly left my love, you're wrapped within my heart. A lifetime love, forever close, I know we'll never part.

I miss you.

By Aimee Jones in memory of Esmée Isobelle Morris

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