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Our Baby

An empty space where life once stirred, my eyes were not yet seeing. Where once my heartbeat shared a tune with a small and fragile being.

So scarcely formed yet still a life, a dream, a hope, a promise. Our plans were changed to now include this new life thrust upon us.

Then just as quickly as it came, our dreams were gone away. The deepest pain I've ever felt, our baby died today.

With footprints left upon our hearts, she gently took her leave. We're left with nothing but regret, and only time to grieve.

There was no service to be held, no mourning time required. No songs of longing and despair, no words to be inspired.

We're simply told to bear the pain, "It's nature's way," they say. I can't forget our baby moved inside me yesterday.

And with each word of sorrow, my teardrops fall like rain. The anger and resentment are mixed with guilt and pain.

I look to heaven for a sign, to help search out a course. Where love can teach acceptance, and eliminate remorse.

My body will accept the truth that now our baby's gone. But in our hearts, our angel everlastingly lives on! 


-Teri M Stuckmann 1995

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