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Support and info for professionals

If you are in contact with bereaved families but do not feel equipped with sufficient training in order to offer support,
then we can help. We know how important it is that those caring for others set the right boundaries when it comes to offering support, but it is also important that those who wish to care for bereaved families know how to do so correctly.

There are numerous charities and groups that can provide great information. The Bereavement Care Network
(amongst others) is a free online resource for professionals who want to provide bereavement care.

Please contact us today if you need access to other resources and training if you are in contact with those who have lost a baby.

Following the continued success of our training courses delivered by Bereavement Training International, The Lily Mae Foundation are delighted to announce that we can provide FULLY FUNDED two-hour virtual bite size training sessions for local healthcare professionals.

Suitable for all professionals providing care for parents following a pregnancy loss and when a baby dies, including midwives and student midwives, neonatal teams, sonographers, obstetricians and gynaecology staff.

Subjects Covered Include:

If you have any questions or for further information, please email ryan.jackson@lilymaefoundation.org or paula@bereavementtraining.com

Feedback received from our courses to date

100% of respondents said the training had increased their confidence to work with bereaved parents.

100% of respondents said they would recommend this training to their colleagues

Here are some comments from participants:

"Learning that emotion is ok to show, and that not knowing exact right words isn’t a failure but that they will likely come if you allow silence and just listen."
"It was incredibly informative. the advice to just listen and be with families was great. i feel more confident in being able to care appropriately for families experiencing bereavement."
"The multi disciplinary workshops were very interesting and raised issues that were not always at the forefront of my current practice."
"Something that I hadn’t previously fully appreciated was that the baby’s birth was just that “a birthday “ and cause for celebration as well as for sorrow. Very comprehensive and useful additional reading list."
"Gives me more of an idea of how to act when being involved in bereavement and loss as well as the best way to communicate and act towards everybody involved."
"As I am currently studying my access course this has given me valuable insight into what i will need to learn, deal with and overcome in the future. I found it extremely useful to listen to a wide range of people already in the field and the issues they face (eg the break out sessions)."
"Provides new tools for helping myself and others. Real experiences shared by parents who have suffered."
"The training session was very interesting. It will give me more confidence in supporting parents. I thought it worked well having the break away groups as it facilitated more people getting involved and gave lots of different points of view. I particularly found the parent feedback interesting and useful and would like to have more parent feedbacks."