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Brothers and Sisters show that #Siblingsgrieve2

As part of our #SiblingsGrieve2 campaign, we held our first very successful Sibling Support Support Day at Hatton Country World near Warwick on Wednesday 24th August with the support of Guy's Gift, a child bereavement counselling service.

Forty children, aged between 14 to 5 years of age from twenty four different families, took part.

The fun Day was designed to:

  • Help the children recognise that they were not alone, that other children had lost a baby brother or sister.

  • Encourage the children to meet others and make friends.

  • Help the children talk about their lost sibling/s and their feelings.

The children, alongside their parents and carers, undertook four activities on the Day in groups of ten. They spent time in indoor play, feeding & petting the animals, outdoor play and a memory making workshop with counsellors from Guy's Gift.

Zoobee, Hatton's resident magician, entertained us all lunchtime.

The feedback from all those children and adults who attended was most positive. We intend to repeat the Day a few times each year at this superb venue that embraced all that we wanted to achieve for those children who have lost a baby brother or sister.



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