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New Corporate Partnership: Arden Foods & The Lily Mae Foundation

We are delighted to announce a new Corporate Partnership with Multi-Faceted Agency, Arden's. Arden's are specialists in baked Goods, with over 30 years experience of sourcing products, developing brands, & implementing marketing strategies.🧁

Arden's will be supporting the Lily Mae Foundation throughout the year, with fundraising and valuable volunteering at our events & day to day activities at the Foundation.

To kickstart our new exciting partnership, Arden's have become an official Event Sponsor for the 2024 Balsall Common Fun Run. 🏃

Corporate Support for our Charity Events is truly invaluable and has an incredible impact in the success of our fundraising to support bereaved parents and families.

Are you a business wanting to support the Lily Mae Foundation? Why not consider becoming an Event Sponsor for us too?

A few words from Arden's Managing Director, Helen Young:

“Here at Arden Fine Foods we are delighted to start a new partnership with The Lily Mae Foundation.  As a local business it is a delight & privilege to support a truly local charity and we thank them for inviting us to do so. 

The team at Lily Mae share the same values as Arden and we truly believe that together we can collaborate and most importantly fundraise for this incredible charity and all those who need help all those who need this superb service.  We are excited about our journey and look forward to many years of working alongside this team”. 

We can't thank Arden's enough for choosing to support us and we are really looking forward to working closely alongside the team and hope our partnership can provide the support we need to help us help more bereaved parents through the devastating loss of a baby.

Check out Arden's website & find out more about what they do.



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